This is suitable for more recent photos with minor damage or blemishes, our basic restoration package includes the following:
£ 9.99perpicture
  • * 5x7 print of the restored photograph
  • Digital copy of the restored photograph
  • Cropping
  • Red-eye removal
  • Minor blemish removal


This is for photos with a little more wear and tear, this package includes all Standard features plus the following:
£ 19.99perpicture
  • *10x8 print of the restored photograph
  • Medium scratch and blemish removal
  • Minor colour improvement
  • Simple object removal


This is ideal for heavily damaged photos or for removing people or objects, this package includes all Standard and Medium features plus the following:
£ 29.99perpicture
  • *12x10 print of the restored photograph
  • Complex scratch and blemish removal
  • Image enlargement/reduction
  • Complex colour improvement
  • Tear repair
  • Complex object removal

Bespoke Digital Manipulation

Anything else! Whether you want your beloved pictured with the Queen or Granddad flying through the sky as Superman, we can do it.
From £ 29.99perpicture
  • *12x10 print of your manipulated image
  • Other examples of manipulation are:
  • Airbrushing
  • Black and white to colour
  • Multiple image montages
  • Any ideas of your own

*The quality of printed photographs from scanned images is entirely dependent on the quality of the original photograph. We will advise you what we think is the largest print size achievable whilst preserving the quality of the image.